More About Bhutan Tours

Bhutan remains intact with a rich background of religious as well as cultural heritage. Our guests are introduced to a variety of unique cultural festivals known locally as Tsechu, where every region of Bhutan conducts one such festival for several days once annually. Besides, visitors are offered excursions through traditional villages and monastic temples both old and new, to stimulate the understanding of lives and livelihoods, customs and traditions of our common folks that remain intact till date. Traveling across the country, visitors are exposed to clean pollution-free nature, views of Himalayan peaks, lush green valleys, and a variety of interesting traditional games such as the archery which the national pastime. Local musicians and dancers show off their skills in colorful and cheerful festive moods, which provides a lasting memory pristine Bhutan.

The cultural tour takes place in major heritage sites across the country from the scenic mountains of the Paro Valley to the distant village of Lhuntse. These heritage sites include the giant fortresses, royal palaces and other significant architectural monuments in relation to the history of the monarchy. Hundreds of Buddhist temples, monasteries and stupas are found scattered atop rocky cliffs, on remote hillsides, on uneven enclosures and on every possible regions indicating that in Bhutan, Buddhism is flourishing in its ever youthful state.